Ookles is currently looking to raise either the seed round or the Series A. What we’re building is ambitious and requires a large hardware infrastructure. For that reason we’re debating skipping seed round and moving straight to series A. Our founder, J. Scott Johnson i.e. “FuzzyBlog”, will be in Silicon Valley the week of January 9th if you wish to schedule a meeting, please contact him via here.

State of the Company:

The following items have now been achieved:

  • Initial technical team has been hired and code is being written and infrastructure components are being created.
  • Marketing approach has been finalized and determined
  • Business model is finalized; pricing is tentative but seems correct
  • Equity split among the founders and initial technical team is in place.

Yes we have a PowerPoint. No we won’t send it out, however, we are more than happy to pitch you in person.

Thanks for the interest!


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