Q: What is Ookles?

A: Its ***interesting***. We’re in stealth mode right now until we get to our 0.1 version which is where we solicit opinions from people we respect, do a mini focus group and then iterate fiercely to make it better. After that we’ll do our 0.2 release 30 days later and expand the people we talk to. Want to be a part of all this? Well sign up here.

Q: Who are you? Why do I care?

A: We’re a new Web 2.0 startup in the consumer space. We have an ambitious plan that, honestly, we haven’t seen anyone do — ever. We were founded by Scott Johnson, the founder of Feedster after he left Feedster in late December, and co-founded by Michael Air, an internet consultant and entrepreneur who has worked with a long line of blue chip companies accross the Globe. Scott, being a serial entrepreneur, immediately jumped on the startup ship again bringing Mike on board and thus Ookles was born.

Still not interested? Well over 3,500 people have signed up for our mailing list so far in the first 2 weeks of Ookles’s existence! We’re really excited about Ookles and will continue to do everything possible to ensure that you are too!

Q: When will Ookles be launching?

A: Ookles will be launching their alpha version to a small group of users on February 28th, 2006.

Q: How do I get to be a user?

A: Sign up here — and we’ll be in touch. One thing that we can tell you right up front is that the initial 2/28 users will fall into one of five geographic locations:

  • Boston area
  • San Francisco area
  • Seattle area
  • Kentucky
  • Sydney Australia

Why? Well, if you want to be a user, one of the Ookles founders will be making a personal visit to get your impressions, make sure that you have a flawless experience, answer questions, etc. All of us have used too many high technology duds that we’re determined to NOT have this be one of them. And if that means that we have to do a “high touch” launch then that’s fine. Once we get the first 25 odd users out there up and running then we’ll broaden the experience. And, of course, those 25 odd users will be able to invite others to join but we want to make sure that we get at least the 1st 25 odd folks up and running successfully.
Q: Yet another Start-up Alpha? What gives?

A: Yes we know that it’s rather cliche to do alpha’s and beta’s these days but we honestly need to do it. What we are doing involves lots of user interaction and a decent amount of server infrastructure so the sooner we get users trying out the system so we see how our infrastructure handles the loads and to see how they interact with the service, the better.


3 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Dean Landsman Says:

    Interested. . . to say the least!

  2. Fred Says:

    sorry if I must comment that it all sounds annoying. It’s ******interesting***** what are the asterisks for? Write in plain english and don’t be so coy.

  3. Brad Hoover Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Where will Ookles be based?


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