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Ten things I can tell TechCrunch about Ookles

February 6, 2006

Heh–I’m headed for London tomorrow for a DRM meeting organized by Suw Charman–some other blogospheroids who’ll be there are Cory Doctorow, Simon Willison, and James Cox (Imajes). Today Tom Morris tells me that Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington will be there too.

Will I be able to keep Ookles’ stealth-ginity intact, despite Michael’s awesome questioning power?

Five Ookles facts that have already been blogged:

  1. We are now a Level 3 startup with angel funding.
  2. That funding got confirmed in Om Malik’s bathroom.
  3. We do in fact know that you’re laughing at our name.
  4. The Ookles launch tour starts Feb. 28.
  5. Scott Johnson’s mom can hardly wait to use Ookles.

Five more Ookles questions I can answer.

  1. Ookles: is it bigger than a breadbox? Yes.
  2. Animal, vegetable, or mineral? No.
  3. Is it somehow part of Web 2.0? Yes, but do you know anything that isn’t?
  4. Does it involve tags? Yes, but do you know anything that doesn’t?
  5. So is Ookles just a big Web 2.0 with added tagging breadbox? No.

Keep watching this space…and meantime wish me well!