Working …

We’re in the last stages of working out our initial brand identity, coloring, etc so I pulled down back posts, reverted to the Kubrick template, etc whilst we get this all done.

Thanks for understanding.

— Scott


4 Responses to “Working …”

  1. Gary Farber Says:

    If anyone has an e-mail address for Betsy Devine, I’ve been trying to locate one. If anyone would care to inform her of this, that would be lovely. Thanks.

  2. Jonno Says:

    seems like another part of the launch is to ‘401 – Authorization Required’

    Guess that’s all part of generating buzz by making the general public feel unworthy.

  3. Leet Hax Says:

    The best part is – that authorization is server up by 10 thousand gentoo servers running over serial connections.

  4. navynews Says:

    i thinkhtis is all a hox

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