Q: When are ones and zeros better than real life?

A: When they help us expand our real lives and our social networks.

I got a digital scanner for Mother’s Day–some of the ones and zeros that flew out of it turned into an iPhoto slide show for our daughter’s wedding.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened to Liz Lawley’s ones and zeros–a long-lost Brazilian cousin discovered this Flickred photo. Result? Intercontinental family reunions that could never have resulted from “real” photos. (Nor would we hear this story if Liz did not have a blog.)

Users who create and control their own data–taggingsearchRSS–all the multiple features of Web 2.0–they’re not just some hype-laden bubble for investors, they are going to be world-changing for all of us.

Endrant–and congratulations to Liz on her many new cousins!


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