“a new level of self-gratification”

To see ourselves as others see us…ay, there’s the rub…as a couple of poets would say.

What do “real” marketers think of bloggers? Make your own guess, based on this morning’s AdAge on conference-blogging:

Just outside the conference hall .. was a blogging station — a.k.a. a few computers on a table — and a huddle of real, live bloggers blogging about such issues as how word-of-mouth marketers should pitch information, to, you guessed it, bloggers. I mention this partly because, even by the impossibly meta standards of today’s media scene, that constitutes a new level of self-gratification…

Disclaimer, I thought WOMMA conference bloggers Steve Rubel and Josh Hallet looked kind of cute in their matching Viking helmets

Disclosure: I myself have blogged a conference or two


2 Responses to ““a new level of self-gratification””

  1. Josh Hallett Says:

    Most of my friends think I looked ‘dorky’ rather than ‘cute’ 🙂

  2. ookles Says:

    That’s what they told you–no doubt because they were suffereing from “Viking horn envy.” (Freud described its symptoms in great detail.)

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