The Ookles Open Source Strategy

I just got through adding a *fascinating* IM thread to the Ookles SocialText Wiki (Hi Ross!). I can’t make it public yet (alas) but what I did was turn to a good friend of mine with incredible street cred in the open source world and open the conversation this way:

Me: Can I run the Ookles Open Source “Judo” strategy past you?
Him: Ok… *Dons Gi*

*censored for now*

We then wrapped up with:

Me: So you think this will work?
Him: Yeppers. Bear in mind that you can’t toss Open Source out there. You have to support it, document it, etc.
Me: Aye. Already budgeted for in our series A.
Him: Good. Good.
So what I can tell you is this:
  1. It was a difficult conversation because even though this person is a dang good friend he doesn’t know what we’re doing. So there was a fair bit of dancing around the issues. That said I was able to explain what we’re doing w/ enough abstract examples that it did finally make sense. It was pretty funny for a while.
  2. Ookles will have an Open Source strategy from day 1. And we’re going to give code back to the community right from the beginning. I always regretted in my last gig NOT giving more back to the community and this one is a natural. It helps us strategically in a big way and is the right thing. Doing the right thing is always a frothy, happy occurrence.
  3. Its going to be an Apache license (99% certainty). The rumored upcoming changes to the GPL 3 scare me. I don’t understand them.

Heh. I can’t wait.


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