“robust, socially accurate, and cheap”

Five little words that capture Web 2.0’s promise from a Guardian story on tagmeister Joshua Schachter. This particular soundbite comes from Clay Shirky, who describes Schachter as

“the first person to figure out the social value of labelling. Any one person’s labels are messy, inconsistent and partial, and are therefore much less valuable than formal classification systems. However, if there is a way to aggregate those labels, and therefore their value, they become more valuable than formal systems, because they are robust, socially accurate and cheap.”

If you love tags and tagging (don’t we all), your other must-read is Mary Hodder’s study of how bloggers do (or don’t) tag.

Bonus link, Michael Arrington today highlights two del.icio.us competitors who want to pay taggers in return for the value they create–23 comments so far reflect lots of interest elsewhere.


4 Responses to ““robust, socially accurate, and cheap””

  1. Michael Arrington Says:

    Hey great.

    What is ookles?

  2. Michael Whitney Says:

    To: Michael Arrington

    Its ***interesting***. We’re in stealth mode right now until we get to our 0.1 version which is where we solicit opinions from people we respect, do a mini focus group and then iterate fiercely to make it better. After that we’ll do our 0.2 release 30 days later and expand the people we talk to. Want to be a part of all this? Well sign up here.

    The answer was in the faq (doesnt answer much)

  3. ookles Says:

    Hi Michael (and Michael) — Ookles is in stealth mode until February 28.

    Except, of course, for blogging the news and tech we ourselves find ***interesting***. BTW, those are Scott Johnson’s asterisks in the FAQ, I/m just borrowing them.

  4. Ookles Blog » Ten things I can tell TechCrunch about Ookles Says:

    […] Will I be able to keep Ookles’ stealth-ginity intact, despite Michael’s awesome questioning power? […]

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