Also: Internet does not grow hair on your palms

Do you know the one about the friendless Internet junkie, munching cold pizza in front of a lonely monitor? According to the latest Pew Internet Report, he’s got more friends than your internet-free great aunt Fannie.

Says the Seattle PI:

…e-mail is supplementing, not replacing, other means of contact. For example, people who e-mail most of their closest friends and relatives at least once a week are about 25 percent more likely to have weekly landline phone contact as well. The increase is even greater for cell phones….

Meanwhile, Internet users tend to have a larger network of close and significant contacts – a median of 37 compared with 30 for nonusers – and they are more likely to receive help from someone within that social network.

Fascinating stuff–see the press release or the full report pdf for more. (Thanks to David Weinberger for 1) blogging this first and 2) flagging those card game/family picnic metrics.


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