JetBlue, trust, thinking outside the air…

Mary Hodder told me a great story about why she loves JetBlue Airlines.

During the August blackout of 2003, Mary was stuck in some NYC airport, waiting for her flight home to the leftcoast. None of the airlines could use their computers, and chaos reigned.

JetBlue found a better way to figure out who had a ticket on any given flight. They used printed manifests–yes, that’s right, hardcopy lists of people who had tickets. Even more outside-the-box, they got those hardcopies by printing them out in NJ, where computers still had power, and then having somebody drive to the NY airport in a car whose trunk was loaded with computer printouts.

When a company throws not only resources but also significant brainpower at making up for somebody else’s screwup–that’s a company I’d trust when it says it cares about customers.

BTW, JetBlue just started flying from Boston to Austin, for those of you who (like me) are headed to SXSW….


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