Meditating on the Om effect

OK, here at Scott’s request is the latest version of, coming to you from Google Analytics.

Check out the huge jump in visits to on Friday; Scott calls it the “Om effect.” Thanks again, Om!

Google Analytics on Ookles - 060114_060120 pageviews

Google Analytics on ookles - 060114_060120source

Google Analytics on ookles - 060114_060120 visitors

Google Analytics on Ookles - 060114_060120 map

Having meditated on these stats a while, here are my top 5 conclusions:

1. Matt’s funny riff at Siliconbeat and folks linking to it made a big contribution to “The Om effect.”
2. Many folks think the Internet closes on weekends.
3. No love from South America. (Note to self, maybe because they’d pronounce “ookles” as “oo-clayss”?)
4. People who design pie charts like ugly colors.
5. I’ll be glad when the beta rolls out and we can start ookling!


2 Responses to “Meditating on the Om effect”

  1. navynews Says:

    how did u get google analytics on wordpress?

  2. ookles Says:

    Hi Navynews–We didn’t get it directiy from WordPress; we had to go over and sign up for an account (it’s free) at

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