Flushed with success

Holy jumping blogmetrics! Om Malik’s blogpost “Scott Johnson just got funding in my bathroom” (and some funny comments at SiliconBeat and elsewhere) have set off a flood of traffic to Ookles.com.

Thanks so much, Om! (Hope the line for the loo isn’t too long at your next party.)

And, in non-bathroom humor, KBCafe says Ookles is “Scott Johnson’s new frying pan.”

Heh. Well, at least that moves the chat into the kitchen…


One Response to “Flushed with success”

  1. Dewayne Mikkelson Says:

    And allows you to use more of that “interstitial time” to it’s fullest possitlbe extent.

    Gotta Love those blogmetrics and what would we do without them?


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