About Being in Stealth Mode

So Blip Blog has some comments about Ookles:

And in other Stealth Mode news, Ookles just closed its Angel round in Om Malik’s bathroom. Ookles? That’s for them to know, and us to buzz, buzz, buzz, about! Let’s get all excited and see what clues we can scrape up from google searches and reverse DNS lookups! Or not.

Look — I’ve been very open about lots of Ookles. No I haven’t said what we’re doing but I’ve been sharing the knowledge about the process. And, honestly, that’s more interesting. We might well have a stupid idea here (I don’t think so but you’re right about Organic growth being helpful; but who said no one knows? We’ve opened the kimono to people and also sworn them to silence; we’re also getting our input from people that aren’t the digerati) but watching someone go through the process of finding funding, get ready for their first pitch, etc I’d argue is really, really interesting.

You might want to see:

But I do appreciate your feedback.  Thank you for that.


2 Responses to “About Being in Stealth Mode”

  1. Rich Says:

    Congrats on your funding, Scott!

  2. Charles Hope Says:

    I’ve been very open about lots of Ookles…We’ve opened the kimono to people and also sworn them to silence

    Bit of a contradiction here? Products are conversations. Secrecy oaths are not conducive to the conversations which constitute successful products.

    Perhaps you’re correctly terrified of being ripped off, but it’s possible that the robust conversation would help you more than your competitors, particularly if you’re the sort that can snag money while sitting on the pot.

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