Do as I say, not as I do

Way up on Memeorandum the other day: “Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye.” now also has news about web usability? Yes indeed, and offering expert advice:
“…graphics on the page should be strictly limited, perhaps to a single eye-catching image. “It’s not about getting as much stuff on the page as possible,” he [web guru Marc Caudron] says. These days, enlightened web users want to see a “puritan” approach…”

Sorry, but I’m still laughing–you have to see this advice in its context, a page surely not designed by Mr. Caudron’s savvy Pod1

Er, not that Jakob Nielsen is likely to give me any medals either…


2 Responses to “Do as I say, not as I do”

  1. Marc Caudron Says:

    Hi there, I really like you site. I am pleased someone is keeping their finger on the pulse.

    You referred to a recent usability topic I commented on and juxtaposed this by pointing readers to Pod1 websites. I have to admit some of these sites were designed over 4 years ago, before the word usability even really existed. I think we all have a few design skeletons in the closet, but moving forward we are adopting a very puritan approach and our recent sites reflect this stance. But I have to say if we ever ‘design’ a site such as Mr. Nielsen’s I will cut off my left click mouse finger.

    Keep up the good work, Marc.

  2. ookles Says:

    Thanks, Marc! I really liked your Pod1 websites–if you had skeletons there, I didn’t notice.

    The usability counterexample that tickled my funnybone was News@Nature, the folks who printed the story quoting you.

    Please hang onto your finger, you’re clearly doing good things with it!


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