Corporate fingers on the pulse of the blogger

Who cares about blogbuzz? Canon, Comcast, Ford, General Motors, HBO, Kraft, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble, according to today’s AdAge story, “Word-of-Mouth Tracker BuzzMetrics to Buy Rival Intelliseek.” (Susan Mernit does a much better job of explaining the deal.)

Meanwhile, the new hybrid posted an even longer list of clients:

“…Canon, Comcast, Ford, General Motors, HBO, Hewlett-Packard, Kraft, Microsoft, Nokia, P&G, Sony, Target and Toyota, as well as 14 of the top 15 pharmaceutical concerns. Partners include the world’s largest marketing-services firms, and distinguished think tanks such as the Pew Research Center.”

The good news here for inhabitants of the blogosphere? Steve Rubel, commenting on the deal, says:

The takeaway here is that it’s very hard to build knowledge about the world of consumer generated media if you’re not culturally built for it. It’s much easier and faster to buy this knowledge, rather than building it on your own. Consumer generated media simply moves too fast.

Besides, doesn’t it tickle your funnybone to think about all those corporate fingers on the pulse of each lonely, pajama-clad blogger? For instance, to realize that this brand-new Ookles-blog will now turn up in newsreaders over at Procter and Gamble, and be parsed for ways that they might sell brand-new startups more Ivory Soap?

(Just making a blog claim here: Technorati Profile.)


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  1. HumanityCritic Says:

    Just passing through, cool blog.

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