Beta Explained

Photo of Mike Blogged by: Michael Air

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch wrote a post a little while ago about not blowing your beta. We’ve read it, took notes and we’re certainly making sure that we won’t be blowing our beta or at least trying to!

I got pointed to this article again recently from a friend because Michael M. (sorry, don’t have a link for Michael) had made a comment saying that Ookles was an example of blowing your beta because we don’t say what Ookles is doing on our stealth sign-up page. He has a valid point and we have valid reasons on why we haven’t done so.
We’re honestly not ready to talk about what we are doing yet; we feel that there isn’t anyone else in the market that is providing the service that we plan to do and understandably we’re a little hush hush on the issue. We originally put the stealth sign-up page up in case people stumbled across while we ramped up to more public announcements. Turns out the blogosphere had different ideas on this one and the page ended up becoming rather public with a significant level of traffic (about 5,000 page views a week).

On that basis, we quickly got our Ookles Blog up and running (it was planned but not this early), linked the blog on the homepage along with links to our FAQ and our Founder’s blogs. In short, while we can’t tell you what Ookles is just yet, we can certainly tell you the ongoing story of Ookles and give you the opportunity of watching us evolve. So, pull up a chair, get yourself comfortable and get into the story that is… Ookles.


2 Responses to “Beta Explained”

  1. Michael Arrington Says:

    Great. Will you please tell me all about ookles now? I promise (well, ok, I don’t) that I won’t blog on this… 🙂

  2. Michael Air of Ookles Says:

    And did we mention that we love your sense of humour? 🙂 Besides, you know we’ll tell you when the time is right.

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