The Band is Back Together Again

I am just delighted to be able to post that Betsy Devine has just joined the Ookles team as Chief Blogger, Writer and Community Manager. Betsy is a long time friend from the Boston blogging community (the Berkman folks) and she worked with me at Feedster in the early days.

Now the reason I titled this “The Band is Back Together Again” is in the early days Feedster was myself and Francois* but it was also a passel of my IM buddies like Mike (my co-Founder) and Betsy (who joined us for a too brief time) and Colin (who was a CSS contractor for us like 2 years ago).

So now Ookles has a complete core team to build the company with.  Woot!

Listen to a Podcast About This

*And he wouldn’t be interested in Ookles anyway.  Its not a true search problem; Francois is a search guy and he’s ***astonishingly*** smart.  I learned tons from Francois.


2 Responses to “The Band is Back Together Again”

  1. Betsy Devine Says:

    Thanks, Scott! So, can I play the tuba this time?

  2. Betsy Devine: Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar? Says:

    The Ookles treehouse


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