So what is Ookles anyway?

Oldnewsbaby blogs over here what he thinks:

IT has something to do with tagging.


Yep. It does. However tags are right now in everything. I even know one entrepreneur who’s looking at putting them into the file system (he’ll even be at my dinner next week). So, yeah, its got tags. But there’s more ….

And you should note that I’m an advisor to TailRank along with Adam Kalsey who’s the founder of TagYu — Adam’s a friend and I wouldn’t screw with that friendship* in any way so Ookles isn’t a pure tagging play.

(And don’t feel bad about my not saying — we haven’t told anyone — not even the world’s best Web 2.0 Analyst – TechCrunch; I really do appreciate the link and the curiousity).

Note: Since the Ookles blog can be updated by any of our team, we’ve all consented that whoever is speaking should have their face there since we’re all people not anonymous corporate drones.

*One of the best entrepreneurial lessons I ever got was from my father who taught me that “all industries are small and people have long memories”. Another way to phrase it is the old saw about “don’t poop where you eat”. I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’m not going away.


3 Responses to “So what is Ookles anyway?”

  1. FuzzyBlog » What is Ookles once again Says:

    […] Once again I tackle this but now on the Official blog. […]

  2. ookles Says:

    Sigh. Sorry folks but no matter what I do I can’t making the face image NOT cut into the blockquote tag. Even adding style=”margin-bottom: 25px;” to the img tag doesn’t help.

  3. jesirose Says:

    Floating it doesn’t help?
    .floatingleft {

    That’s how I always do pictures next to posts, so the post wraps around it, which it looks like that’s what you’re trying to do.

    But I don’t know much 🙂

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