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VC 2.01 and other thefts

January 30, 2006

That thumping you hear is venture capital getting hammered into new shapes by Rick Segal, Dave Winer, and others.

I’m putting in my own 2.0 cents snitching a bit of the best of what others have said and pointing you their way.

“Blogshares with real money,” says GapingVoid (Hugh MacLeod), who isn’t sure if he loves or hates Dave’s idea.

Crunchnotes (Michael Arrington) has a workmanlike summary of the argument, as does Imajes (James Cox), from whom I confess to stealing “VC 2.01.” In recompense, I’ll let him have the last word, on blogs-are-my-rolodex:

The blogosphere is absolutely my buzzagent – but is it my entire rolodex yet? I don’t think so. If the blogosphere could get over its clique, and if we had a clearing-house of buzzagents so I’d know who to contact in an area i’m interested in then maybe. I just don’t think I can replace any angel worth their salt with a good blogger for knowing the right people.